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KernelDensity.h File Reference

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class  CKernelDensity
 This class implements the kernel density estimation technique. Kernel density estimation is a non-parametric way to estimate an unknown pdf. The pdf at a query point given finite training samples is calculated using the following formula : \ \(pdf(x')= \frac{1}{nh} \sum_{i=1}^n K(\frac{||x-x_i||}{h})\) \ K() in the above formula is called the kernel function and is controlled by the parameter h called kernel bandwidth. Presently, this class supports only Gaussian kernel which can be used with either Euclidean distance or Manhattan distance. This class makes use of 2 tree structures KD-tree and Ball tree for fast calculation. KD-trees are faster than ball trees at lower dimensions. In case of high dimensional data, ball tree tends to out-perform KD-tree. By default, the class used is Ball tree. More...



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