SHOGUN  6.0.0
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init.cpp File Reference

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std::unique_ptr< SGLinalg > sg_linalg (nullptr)
void init_shogun (void(*print_message)(FILE *target, const char *str), void(*print_warning)(FILE *target, const char *str), void(*print_error)(FILE *target, const char *str), void(*cancel_computations)(bool &delayed, bool &immediately))
void sg_global_print_default (FILE *target, const char *str)
void init_shogun_with_defaults ()
void exit_shogun ()
void set_global_io (SGIO *io)
SGIO * get_global_io ()
void set_global_parallel (Parallel *parallel)
Parallel * get_global_parallel ()
void set_global_version (Version *version)
Version * get_global_version ()
void set_global_math (CMath *math)
CMath * get_global_math ()
void set_global_rand (CRandom *rand)
CRandom * get_global_rand ()
SGLinalg * get_global_linalg ()
void init_from_env ()


Parallel * sg_parallel =NULL
SGIO * sg_io =NULL
Version * sg_version =NULL
CMath * sg_math =NULL
CRandom * sg_rand =NULL
void(* sg_print_message )(FILE *target, const char *str) = NULL
 function called to print normal messages More...
void(* sg_print_warning )(FILE *target, const char *str) = NULL
 function called to print warning messages More...
void(* sg_print_error )(FILE *target, const char *str) = NULL
 function called to print error messages More...
void(* sg_cancel_computations )(bool &delayed, bool &immediately) =NULL
 function called to cancel things More...

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