CMath Member List

This is the complete list of members for CMath, including all inherited members.
abs(T a)CMath [static]
add(T *target, T alpha, const T *v1, T beta, const T *v2, int32_t len)CMath [static]
add_scalar(T alpha, T *vec, int32_t len)CMath [static]
Align(char *seq1, char *seq2, int32_t l1, int32_t l2, float64_t gapCost)CMath [static]
ALMOST_INFTYCMath [static]
area_under_curve(float64_t *xy, int32_t len, bool reversed)CMath [static]
atan(float64_t x)CMath [static]
binary_search(T *output, int32_t size, T elem)CMath [static]
binary_search(SGVector< T * > array, T *elem)CMath [static]
binary_search_helper(T *output, int32_t size, T elem)CMath [static]
binary_search_max_lower_equal(T *output, int32_t size, T elem)CMath [static]
byte(T word, uint16_t p)CMath [static]
ceil(float64_t d)CMath [static]
center_matrix(T *matrix, int32_t m, int32_t n)CMath [static]
clamp(T value, T lb, T ub)CMath [static]
clone_vector(const T *vec, int32_t len)CMath [static]
compute_eigenvectors(double *matrix, int n, int m)CMath [static]
CSGObject(const CSGObject &orig)CSGObject
dgemm(double alpha, const double *A, int rows, int cols, CBLAS_TRANSPOSE transposeA, double *B, int cols_B, CBLAS_TRANSPOSE transposeB, double beta, double *C)CMath [static]
dgemv(double alpha, const double *A, int rows, int cols, const CBLAS_TRANSPOSE transposeA, const double *X, double beta, double *Y)CMath [static]
display_bits(T word, int32_t width=8 *sizeof(T))CMath [static]
display_matrix(const T *matrix, int32_t rows, int32_t cols, const char *name="matrix")CMath [static]
display_matrix(const int32_t *matrix, int32_t rows, int32_t cols, const char *name)CMath
display_matrix(const float64_t *matrix, int32_t rows, int32_t cols, const char *name)CMath
display_matrix(const float32_t *matrix, int32_t rows, int32_t cols, const char *name)CMath
display_vector(const T *vector, int32_t n, const char *name="vector")CMath [static]
display_vector(const uint8_t *vector, int32_t n, const char *name)CMath
display_vector(const int32_t *vector, int32_t n, const char *name)CMath
display_vector(const int64_t *vector, int32_t n, const char *name)CMath
display_vector(const uint64_t *vector, int32_t n, const char *name)CMath
display_vector(const float32_t *vector, int32_t n, const char *name)CMath
display_vector(const float64_t *vector, int32_t n, const char *name)CMath
display_vector(const floatmax_t *vector, int32_t n, const char *name)CMath
dot(const bool *v1, const bool *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const floatmax_t *v1, const floatmax_t *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const float64_t *v1, const float64_t *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const float32_t *v1, const float32_t *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const uint64_t *v1, const uint64_t *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const int64_t *v1, const int64_t *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const int32_t *v1, const int32_t *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const uint32_t *v1, const uint32_t *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const uint16_t *v1, const uint16_t *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const int16_t *v1, const int16_t *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const char *v1, const char *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const uint8_t *v1, const uint8_t *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const int8_t *v1, const int8_t *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
dot(const float64_t *v1, const char *v2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
entropy(float64_t *p, int32_t len)CMath [static]
exp(float64_t x)CMath [static]
factorial(int32_t n)CMath [static]
fequal(T x, T y, float64_t precision=1e-6)CMath [static]
fill_vector(T *vec, int32_t len, T value)CMath [static]
fishers_exact_test_for_2x3_table(SGMatrix< float64_t > table)CMath [static]
fishers_exact_test_for_multiple_2x3_tables(SGMatrix< float64_t > tables)CMath [static]
floor(float64_t d)CMath [static]
get_column_sum(T *matrix, int32_t m, int32_t n)CMath [static]
get_log_range()CMath [static]
get_modsel_param_descr(const char *param_name)CSGObject
get_modsel_param_index(const char *param_name)CSGObject
get_name() const CMath [virtual]
get_row_sum(T *matrix, int32_t m, int32_t n)CMath [static]
get_seed()CMath [static]
INFTYCMath [static]
init_random(uint32_t initseed=0)CMath [static]
insertion_sort(T *output, int32_t size)CMath [static]
invsqrt(float32_t x)CMath [static]
is_finite(double f)CMath [static]
is_generic(EPrimitiveType *generic) const CSGObject [virtual]
is_infinity(double f)CMath [static]
is_nan(double f)CMath [static]
lgamma(float64_t x)CMath [static]
lgammal(floatmax_t x)CMath [static]
load_serializable(CSerializableFile *file, const char *prefix="")CSGObject [virtual]
load_serializable_post()CSGObject [protected, virtual]
load_serializable_pre()CSGObject [protected, virtual]
log(float64_t v)CMath [static]
log10(float64_t v)CMath [static]
log2(float64_t v)CMath [static]
logarithmic_sum(float64_t p, float64_t q)CMath [static]
LOGRANGECMath [protected, static]
max(T a, T b)CMath [static]
max(T *vec, int32_t len)CMath [static]
mean(float64_t *vec, int32_t len)CMath [static]
min(T a, T b)CMath [static]
min(float64_t *output, T *index, int32_t size)CMath [static]
mutual_info(float64_t *p1, float64_t *p2, int32_t len)CMath [static]
nchoosek(int32_t n, int32_t k)CMath [static]
nmin(float64_t *output, T *index, int32_t size, int32_t n)CMath [static]
normal_random(float32_t mean, float32_t std_dev)CMath [static]
normal_random(float64_t mean, float64_t std_dev)CMath [static]
parallel_qsort_index(T1 *output, T2 *index, uint32_t size, int32_t n_threads, int32_t limit=262144)CMath [static]
parallel_qsort_index(void *p)CMath [static]
PICMath [static]
pinv(float64_t *matrix, int32_t rows, int32_t cols, float64_t *target=NULL)CMath [static]
pow(int32_t x, int32_t n)CMath [static]
pow(float64_t x, int32_t n)CMath [static]
pow(float64_t x, float64_t n)CMath [static]
powl(floatmax_t x, floatmax_t n)CMath [static]
print_serializable(const char *prefix="")CSGObject [virtual]
qnorm(T *x, int32_t len, float64_t q)CMath [static]
qsort(T *output, int32_t size)CMath [static]
qsort(SGVector< T * > array)CMath [static]
qsort_backward_index(T1 *output, T2 *index, int32_t size)CMath [static]
qsort_index(T1 *output, T2 *index, uint32_t size)CMath [static]
qsq(T *x, int32_t len, float64_t q)CMath [static]
radix_sort(T *array, int32_t size)CMath [static]
radix_sort_helper(T *array, int32_t size, uint16_t i)CMath [static]
rand_stateCMath [protected, static]
randn_double()CMath [static]
randn_float()CMath [static]
random()CMath [static]
random(int32_t min_value, int32_t max_value)CMath [static]
random(float32_t min_value, float32_t max_value)CMath [static]
random(float64_t min_value, float64_t max_value)CMath [static]
random_vector(T *vec, int32_t len, T min_value, T max_value)CMath [static]
randperm(int32_t n)CMath [static]
range_fill_vector(T *vec, int32_t len, T start=0)CMath [static]
relative_entropy(float64_t *p, float64_t *q, int32_t len)CMath [static]
resize(T *&data, int64_t old_size, int64_t new_size)CMath [static]
round(float64_t d)CMath [static]
save_serializable(CSerializableFile *file, const char *prefix="")CSGObject [virtual]
save_serializable_post()CSGObject [protected, virtual]
save_serializable_pre()CSGObject [protected, virtual]
scale_vector(T alpha, T *vec, int32_t len)CMath [static]
seedCMath [protected, static]
set_global_io(SGIO *io)CSGObject
set_global_parallel(Parallel *parallel)CSGObject
set_global_version(Version *version)CSGObject
sign(T a)CMath [static]
sort(int32_t *a, int32_t cols, int32_t sort_col=0)CMath [static]
sort(float64_t *a, int32_t *idx, int32_t N)CMath [static]
sq(T x)CMath [static]
sqrt(float32_t x)CMath [static]
sqrt(float64_t x)CMath [static]
sqrt(floatmax_t x)CMath [static]
sum(T *vec, int32_t len)CMath [static]
sum_abs(T *vec, int32_t len)CMath [static]
swap(T &a, T &b)CMath [static]
tgamma(float64_t x)CMath [static]
trace(float64_t *mat, int32_t cols, int32_t rows)CMath [static]
transpose_matrix(T *&matrix, int32_t &num_feat, int32_t &num_vec)CMath [static]
twonorm(T *x, int32_t len)CMath [static]
unique(T *output, int32_t size)CMath [static]
vec1_plus_scalar_times_vec2(T *vec1, T scalar, const T *vec2, int32_t n)CMath [static]
vector_multiply(T *target, const T *v1, const T *v2, int32_t len)CMath [static]
~CMath()CMath [virtual]
~CSGObject()CSGObject [virtual]
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