Model Member List

This is the complete list of members for Model, including all inherited members.
const_aModel [protected]
const_a_valModel [protected]
const_bModel [protected]
const_b_valModel [protected]
const_pModel [protected]
const_p_valModel [protected]
const_qModel [protected]
const_q_valModel [protected]
get_const_a(int32_t line, int32_t column) const Model
get_const_a_val(int32_t line) const Model
get_const_b(int32_t line, int32_t column) const Model
get_const_b_val(int32_t line) const Model
get_const_p(int32_t offset) const Model
get_const_p_val(int32_t offset) const Model
get_const_q(int32_t offset) const Model
get_const_q_val(int32_t offset) const Model
get_learn_a(int32_t line, int32_t column) const Model
get_learn_b(int32_t line, int32_t column) const Model
get_learn_p(int32_t offset) const Model
get_learn_q(int32_t offset) const Model
learn_aModel [protected]
learn_bModel [protected]
learn_pModel [protected]
learn_qModel [protected]
set_const_a(int32_t offset, int32_t value)Model
set_const_a_val(int32_t offset, float64_t value)Model
set_const_b(int32_t offset, int32_t value)Model
set_const_b_val(int32_t offset, float64_t value)Model
set_const_p(int32_t offset, int32_t value)Model
set_const_p_val(int32_t offset, float64_t value)Model
set_const_q(int32_t offset, int32_t value)Model
set_const_q_val(int32_t offset, float64_t value)Model
set_learn_a(int32_t offset, int32_t value)Model
set_learn_b(int32_t offset, int32_t value)Model
set_learn_p(int32_t offset, int32_t value)Model
set_learn_q(int32_t offset, int32_t value)Model
~Model()Model [virtual]
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