SGSparseVector< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for SGSparseVector< T >, including all inherited members.
cmp_dot_prod_symmetry_fast(index_t alen, index_t blen)SGSparseVector< T > [protected, static]
copy_data(const SGReferencedData &orig)SGSparseVector< T > [protected, virtual]
copy_refcount(const SGReferencedData &orig)SGReferencedData [protected]
dense_dot(T alpha, T *vec, int32_t dim, T b)SGSparseVector< T >
dot_prod_asymmetric(const SGSparseVector< T > &a, const SGSparseVector< T > &b)SGSparseVector< T > [protected, static]
dot_prod_symmetric(const SGSparseVector< T > &a, const SGSparseVector< T > &b)SGSparseVector< T > [protected, static]
featuresSGSparseVector< T >
floor_log(index_t n)SGSparseVector< T > [protected, static]
free_data()SGSparseVector< T > [protected, virtual]
init_data()SGSparseVector< T > [protected, virtual]
num_feat_entriesSGSparseVector< T >
operator=(const SGReferencedData &orig)SGReferencedData
ref()SGReferencedData [protected]
SGReferencedData(bool ref_counting=true)SGReferencedData
SGReferencedData(const SGReferencedData &orig)SGReferencedData
SGSparseVector()SGSparseVector< T >
SGSparseVector(SGSparseVectorEntry< T > *feats, index_t num_entries, bool ref_counting=true)SGSparseVector< T >
SGSparseVector(index_t num_entries, bool ref_counting=true)SGSparseVector< T >
SGSparseVector(const SGSparseVector &orig)SGSparseVector< T >
sparse_dot(const SGSparseVector< T > &v)SGSparseVector< T >
sparse_dot(const SGSparseVector< T > &a, const SGSparseVector< T > &b)SGSparseVector< T > [static]
unref()SGReferencedData [protected]
~SGReferencedData()SGReferencedData [virtual]
~SGSparseVector()SGSparseVector< T > [virtual]
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