SHOGUN  4.1.0
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1 /*! \page installation Installation
2 Currently SHOGUN has been confirmed to be <b>fully functional</b> on PowerPC,
3 i386 and AMD64 Linux (tested on debian/ubuntu and gentoo). We also managed
4 to compile SHOGUN on MacOSX and via cygwin on WIN32 platforms. However some
5 manual tweaking of configuration files might be necessary.
7 \section from_package From a Package
8 SHOGUN is currently pre-packaged for debian (see and
9 available on MacOSX via macports (see )
11 \subsection on_debian Installation on Debian/Ubuntu
12 On debian, depending on the interface you want, install the package(s)
14 \verbatim
15 libshogun-dev - for C++ developers building extensions using
16  libshogun
17 shogun-csharp-modular - for the modular csharp interface
18 shogun-lua-modular - for the modular lua interface
19 shogun-java-modular - for the modular java interface
20 shogun-octave-static - for the static octave interface
21 shogun-octave-modular - for the modular octave interface
22 shogun-python-static - for the static python interface
23 shogun-python-modular - for the modular python interface
24 shogun-r-static - for the static r interface
25 shogun-ruby-modular - for the modular ruby interface
26 shogun-cmdline-static - for the static command-line interface.
27 shogun-elwms-static - for the static eierlegende wollmilchsau interface
28  (one interface to r/python/octave allowing
29  to run commands in non-native languages)
30 shogun-doc - for the documentation
31 \endverbatim
33 \subsection on_osx Installation on MacOSX
35 The mac port is provided by James Kyle (Thanks!!) and makes installations on
36 OSX as easy as under linux. To install shogun you will need macports (see
37 Then issue
39 \verbatim
40 sudo port selfupdate
42 sudo port install swig swig-python
43  (shogun users who want the r and octave interfaces should add
44  swig-octave and/or swig-r to this list)
46 sudo port install shogun
47  (for r, octave, and elwms interfaces: +r +octave +elwms)
48 \endverbatim
50 Add \verbatim DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH=${macports_prefix}/lib \endverbatim
51 to your shell profile. *Tip* the default ${macports_prefix} is /opt/local/. In
52 that case, the library path would be /opt/local/lib.
55 \section from_source Installing SHOGUN from Source
56  \li \subpage quickstart "Quickstart guide"
57  \li \subpage install "Install from source"
59 */

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