SHOGUN  4.1.0
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1 /*! \page license License
2  Except for the files classifier/svm/Optimizer.{cpp,h},
3  classifier/svm/SVM_light.{cpp,h}, regression/svr/SVR_light.{cpp,h}
4  and the kernel caching functions in kernel/Kernel.{cpp,h}
5  which are (C) Torsten Joachims and follow a different
6  licensing scheme (cf. \ref svmlightlicense_sec) SHOGUN is licensed under the GPL
7  version 3 or any later version (cf. \ref license_sec).
9 \section license_sec GNU General Public License
10 \verbinclude
12 \section svmlightlicense_sec SVMLight License
13 \include
14 */

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