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1 /*! \page tutorial Tutorial
2  \section using_sec Using SHOGUN
4  \subsection tut_tut_sec Tutorials
5  We provide tutorials for developers that intend to extend shogun
6  or that want to use libshogun from C++ and for the static and modular interfaces.
7  For a general list of the within shogun implemented machine learning methods
8  see \subpage methods.
10  \li \subpage developer_tutorial
11  \li \subpage static_tutorial
12  \li \subpage modular_tutorial
14  \subsection tut_examples_sec Examples
16  In addition, for each of the interfaces a large number of examples is
17  available which can be found in the
19  \li \b examples/libshogun
20  \li \b examples/python
21  \li \b examples/octave
22  \li \b examples/matlab
23  \li \b examples/r
24  \li \b examples/elwms
25  \li \b examples/r_modular
26  \li \b examples/octave_modular
27  \li \b examples/python_modular
29  directories and online \subpage examples "here".
31  Note that we always keep the python-modular examples complete and up-to-date
32  and also perform regression tests using a test-suite. Finally, we provide a
33  %function reference for all static and modular interfaces:
35 \section refinterface_sec Function Reference
36  \li \subpage staticoctave
37  \li \subpage staticpython
38  \li \subpage staticcmdline
39  \li \subpage staticr
40  \li Modular Interfaces, click the Classes tab above
41 */

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