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mikelinglisitsyn: wiking mmmm,I'm not sure if it's a good question. But what's the different between SG_FREE and SG_UNREF? When I should unrefernece a pointer rather than free it?05:09
@wikingmikeling, ok so SG_UNREF is for SGObjects07:54
@wikingbecause objects that are derived from SGObject has reference counters07:55
@wikingwhile SG_FREE is for freeing up allocated memory07:55
@wikingso for example you can do SG_MALLOC(...) that will allocate you some memory region on the heap07:55
@wikingin order to release it you have to call SG_FREE07:55
@wikingSG_UNREF will not work as it's not a memory region that has any sort of reference counting07:56
@wikinghope this explanation helps07:56
mikelingwiking: yeah! Thanks a lot!08:03
@sukeyPull Request #3812 "Add global fixture with binary label data"  synchronized by MikeLing -
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mikelingwiking: The SVMOcas still failed on gcc++ but with different error
mikelingand And I can't reproduce that error since all tests passed on my local environment which is ubuntu 16.04 with gcc 6.3.0.
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