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mikelingwiking: ping03:12
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mikelingwiking: Hi, do you have time to review this pr https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/pull/3812? Due to all checks passed07:09
mikelingI just wondering if those variable and file names maybe confuse other people07:09
@wikingyep yeep07:09
@wikingsaw it07:09
@wikingjust checking07:09
mikeling* may confuse other people07:10
mikelingthank you!07:10
@wikinglife is confusing07:12
@wikingmikeling, there07:18
@wikingmikeling, so07:26
@wikingthis thing with Cdatagenerator07:26
@wikingas well as Gaussian07:26
@wikingusing lapack07:26
@wikingis crazy07:26
@wikingcan we put this PR to sleep mode and you switch first to this?07:26
@wikingGaussian -> linalg:: ?07:27
mikelingyeah, actually I had discuss it with Heikos and OXPHOS07:28
mikelingabout should I rewrite it by linalg or eigen307:29
mikelingat least make Gaussian get rid of the lapack07:29
mikelingbut at that time OXPHOS told me there are many places need to refactor and we should leave it for now07:35
@wikinglet's have a plan for it then in gsoc?07:36
@wikingi mean if it's really that complicated07:36
@wikingthis is definitely something we need asap :)07:36
mikelingI agree07:36
mikelingok, I will take it07:36
mikelingbut I don't have a good mathematic background and I haven't use eigen3 or take a good look at linalg lib07:38
mikelingI really need some help about those things07:38
mikelinganyway, I hate those macro07:39
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mikelingwiking: what's the meaning of  cblas_dger (https://github.com/MikeLing/shogun/blob/develop/src/shogun/distributions/Gaussian.cpp#L169). I just google it but haven't found any detail document for it08:41
mikelingabout what's this function for?08:41
mikelingOXPHOS ping?08:42
@wikingmikeling, Multiplies vector X by the transform of vector Y, then adds matrix A (double precison).08:43
@wikingmikeling, https://developer.apple.com/reference/accelerate/1513076-cblas_dger?language=objc08:44
@wikingalpha*x*y' + A.08:45
mikelingok, I see. Thank you!08:55
lisitsynwiking: obvious naming they have in blas and lapack huh09:02
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@iglesiasghttp://www.kdnuggets.com/2017/05/new-poll-software-analytics-data-mining-data-science-machine-learning.html :(10:16
@wikingnot even on the list10:38
@wikingnor mlpack :((10:38
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@wikingmikeling, HeikoS i think at least we should be able to have a Gaussian that falls back to some basic linalg implementation if lapack is not available12:24
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mikelingmikeling: which means we will have two Gaussian distribution in the code base at the same time?13:27
mikelinglapack version and without lapack version13:28
@wikingmikeling, nono13:56
@wikingyou can use a #ifdef HAVE_LAPACK #else13:56
@wikingwithin the Gaussian codebase13:56
@wikingand in case you have lapack you can use the lapack code to do the matrix calculation13:57
@wikingotherwise it falls back to use linalg::13:57
mikelingwiking: If we already have a Gaussian version without lapack, why do we still need the old version(which implemented by lapack )14:03
@wikingbecause it could be that the new verison14:03
@wiking*version is not as fast as the old one14:03
@wikingmikeling, i mean you just have to reimplement the lapack part14:22
@wikingin the code14:22
@wikingand guard it with those macros14:22
@wikingnot the full class itself14:22
mikelingok, I see.14:24
mikelingsorry for the late reply :)14:24
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rcurtinwiking: looks like not even tensorflow is on the list14:47
rcurtinthere is a lot missing... whoever put that list together does not have a full perspective14:47
rcurtinoh wait there it is under 'deep learning', I didn't see that part :)14:48
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shixudongleoI want to use shogun c++ in android ndk. it is possible to compile shogun as shared library on android. What is the library dependencies for shogun?15:34
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mikelingwhat's our linalg namespace about? Do we have matrix-matrix multiplication in there?15:53
mikelingalright, I found it http://shogun.ml/api/latest/namespaceshogun_1_1linalg.html15:56
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mikelingwiking: maybe we could use SGMatrix in here https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/blob/develop/src/shogun/distributions/Gaussian.cpp#L14316:20
mikelingbecause we have buildin function like matrix_multiply and (matri) add16:22
mikelingmaybe use SGMatrix and SGVector could help us get rid of LAPACK16:22
mikelingbut I'm not sure if it will slow things down16:22
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@sukeyPull Request #3818 "Update install instructions for homebrew"  opened by duhduhdan - https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/pull/381818:21
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