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mikelingwiking: what's these two functions for?
mikelingit looks like do something like setter03:50
mikelingbut the comment says it will return something?03:50
mikelinglike a getter?03:50
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@sukeyPull Request #3745 "Add PRange class to replace old SG_PROGRESS (WIP)"  synchronized by geektoni -
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@wikingmikeling, how's the std::vector going?12:05
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@wikinggeektoni, hi13:20
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mikelingwiking: mmm, not good, have some problem :/ I'm trying to fix it right now14:28
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mikelingI will create gist if I failed14:28
geektonihi wiking, sorry I was afk14:30
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@wikinggeektoni, no worries... see my commments on the pr15:05
@wikingmikeling, ok lemme know if you need anything15:06
mikelingwiking: BTW, what's these two functions for?
mikelingit looks like do something like setter but the comment says it will return something? like a getter?15:07
geektoniwiking: working on them right now15:07
geektonidoes anybody know what can cause the Shogun build process to take up *at least* 2 GB of RAM only to compile a class like CustomKernel???15:27
geektoniThis is happening to me with the "develop" branch15:27
geektoniwiking ^15:42
@wikinggeektoni, are you compiling any interface?15:44
@wikingand what's your CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE?15:44
geektoniI mean, it happened out of nowhere15:45
@wikingyou mean it wasn't like that before?15:46
@wikingor that you've just noticed15:46
geektoniyesterday building was fine15:46
@wikingsome ccache fun? :)15:47
geektoniI tried to disable it15:47
geektonibut it seems it doesn't work15:48
geektonithis huuge consumption of RAM happens only with some files15:49
geektoninot all of the codebase15:49
mikelingwiking: Do we have auto ref issue for CDynamicArray?15:54
@sukeyPull Request #3824 "Replace DynArray with std::vector"  synchronized by MikeLing -
mikelingwiking: ping16:23
@wikingjust a sec16:23
@wikingmikeling, no there does not seemed to be any SG_REF going on there16:26
@wikingok i can check the serialization issue16:27
mikelingwiking: ok, then I will create another pr for replacing CDynamicArray with std::vector(maybe)16:27
mikelingso maybe we could merge that first then back to the DynArray replacement16:27
mikelingso I don't need to change those DynArray related code in CDynamicArray16:28
mikelinganyway, I need to solve the serialization problem first :)16:28
@wikingbut CDynamicArray is coupled with DynArray16:29
mikelingCDynamicArray take advantage of DynArray in a lot of places16:30
mikelingif i do the CDynamicArray replacement first16:30
mikelingI don't need to care about how CDynamicArray use DynArray inside16:30
mikelingafter we get rid of CDynamicArray, then it will be much easier to replace DynArray16:31
mikelingDo you agree with it?16:31
@wikingmmm and you think we could drop CDynamicArray16:45
@wikingand replace it with std::vector directly16:45
@wikingwe cannot do that because template <class T> class CDynamicArray :public CSGObject16:46
@wikingyou can only replace that with std::vector16:46
@wikingif you use Some<std::vector>16:46
mikelingmmm, I haven't think that far16:47
@wikingbecause a) CDynamicArray is using parameter framework (see all the SG_ADD); this is due to the fact of to be able to serialize CDynamicArray b) CDynamicArray has reference counting as it is derived from CSGObject16:48
mikelingmmmm, I see16:49
@sukeyPull Request #3745 "Add PRange class to replace old SG_PROGRESS (WIP)"  synchronized by geektoni -
@wikinggeektoni, do we need a fix for clang-fromat?16:55
geektonino idea actually16:55
geektoniI don't understand why it fails16:56
geektonilocally works16:56
@wikingsame error unfortunately
@wikingmaybe git version differences?16:58
@wikinghave you tried to run that within the shogun-sdk docker container?16:58
geektoniyeah, I saw16:59
geektoniI'll try to replicate it with docker16:59
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geektoniwiking: ok, docker gives the exact Travis error.18:10
geektoniit seems that it doesn't know that there is a remote feature/progress branch18:10
geektoniso the git command fails miserably18:11
@sukeyPull Request #3826 "Remove duplicate code in LDA/FisherLDA (WIP)"  opened by micmn -
@sukeyPull Request #3827 "Fix script when the destination branch is not develop."  opened by geektoni -
@sukeyPull Request #3827 "Fix script when the destination branch is not develop."  merged by vigsterkr -
@sukeyNew Commit "Merge pull request #3827 from geektoni/fix_clang_format_not_existent_branches20:34
@sukeyFix script when the destination branch is not develop." to shogun-toolbox/shogun by vigsterkr:
@wikinggeektoni, i'll merge then now
@sukeyPull Request #3745 "Add PRange class to replace old SG_PROGRESS (WIP)"  merged by vigsterkr -
@sukeyNew Commit "Merge pull request #3745 from geektoni/feature/progress20:38
@sukeyAdd PRange class to replace old SG_PROGRESS (WIP)" to shogun-toolbox/shogun by vigsterkr:
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@sukeyPull Request #3826 "Remove duplicate code in LDA/FisherLDA (WIP)" -
@sukeyPull Request #3828 "[ProgressBar] Add multi threaded progress bar."  opened by geektoni -
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travis-ciit's Viktor Gal's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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