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@wikingironstark, which ubuntu are you using10:09
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mikelingwiking: pinh12:48
mikelingstill around12:48
lisitsynhola I'm back14:03
lisitsynwiking: what's going on here?14:04
mikelinglisitsyn: hey! :)14:51
mikelinglisitsyn: I got a question on my hand but not related GSoC or Shogun, could I ask you in here?14:54
mikelingOk, I have a series of number from 1 to 200000, and I have a algorithm to give them a label (zero or one).14:57
mikelingAnd as I said, this algorithm is about to give each number a label randomly14:58
mikelingif I do have a series of number from 1 to 200000 which generated by this algorithm, and I could I deduce this algorithm?15:02
mikelingcould I do this by bayesian or something?15:03
mikelinglet me do explain it again ( I guess I haven't make myself clear :/15:05
mikelinglisitsyn: I have a series of number from 1 to 200000, and a algorithm will give them a label (zero or one) 'randomly'. So  I want to simulate this algorithm to classify numbers15:08
mikelingCould I do it? By bayesian or something like it15:09
lisitsynwhat does it mean randomly?15:09
lisitsynis there any dependency between consequential numbers?15:09
lisitsynis it real or integer numbers?15:10
mikelinginteger numbers15:10
mikelingand no actually dependency between them15:10
mikelingthe randomly means I randomly shuffle a std::vector<int>(200000) by std::shuffle15:11
lisitsynam I getting that right that you don't know the algorithm that maps into 0,1?15:12
mikelingand I don't know what the random function used in there, I want to simulate it and give each number a label(0 or 1)15:12
lisitsynis it that say f(4324) = 0 is always true?15:13
lisitsynbut then you'd have to just remember all the answers no?15:15
mikelinglisitsyn: what's meaning of 'remember all the answers'15:18
lisitsynwhat exactly you want to simulate?15:18
mikelinglike here I have a number e.g 210100 and I want to know which label it will been mapped to15:23
mikelingf(210100) = 1/015:24
mikeling1 or 015:24
mikelingmmmm, not exactly15:44
mikelinganyway, why std::map?15:45
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mikelinglisitsyn: still around?17:37
lisitsynmikeling: yeap sorry17:37
lisitsynso what's the thing17:37
lisitsynstill don't get it :)17:37
mikelingwhat's the relation between CDynamicArray and SGVector?17:38
mikelinglisitsyn: never mind, forget it :)17:38
lisitsynmikeling: cdynamicarray is rather a replacement for std::vector17:39
lisitsynto store objects17:40
mikelingno I mean with SGVector17:40
lisitsynthey're quite different in usage17:40
mikelingok, a second, let me commit the pr first17:41
@sukeyPull Request #3832 "use std::deque instead of DynamicArray(on going)"  opened by MikeLing - https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/pull/383217:59
@sukeyPull Request #3832 "use std::deque instead of DynArray(on going)" - https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/pull/383218:02
@sukeyPull Request #3832 "use std::deque instead of DynArray(on going)" - https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/pull/383218:10
@sukeyPull Request #3832 "use std::deque instead of DynArray(on going)"  synchronized by MikeLing - https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/pull/383218:14
@sukeyPull Request #3832 "use std::deque instead of DynArray(on going)"  synchronized by MikeLing - https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/pull/383218:40
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mikelinglisitsyn: so, for this pr https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/pull/3832, numbers of test will failed out like https://pastebin.mozilla.org/902348918:57
mikelingbut after I use gdb to test it18:57
mikelingI can't find whey those errors related to DynArray19:00
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ironstarkwiking: I use ubuntu 17.0420:21
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