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lisitsynwiking: I need you to reload the buildbot again :(00:04
@sukey[] Pull Request opened by lisitsyn00:45
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@sukey[] Issue opened by vigsterkr06:43
@sukey[] Issue vigsterkr added label: "SWIG"06:43
@sukey[] Issue vigsterkr added label: "SWIG"06:43
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mikelingwiking: what should I do to fix the error in It seems like swig don't know how to deal with the std::unique_ptr<CRandom> m_rng or?13:41
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@wikingmikeling, is that public?16:35
mikelingwiking: you mean m_rng in SGObject? then yes, it's public16:36
mikelingso I need to move it to private ?16:36
@wikingdo you use that thing16:36
@wikingpublic somewhere?16:36
@wikingbecause i believe it shouldn't be public16:36
@wikingie you never do16:36
@wikingi mean externally16:37
mikelingok, let me define it as protected16:37
mikelingwiking: oh, great! It works!16:58
mikeling thank you16:58
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lisitsynwanna merge me? :P17:16
lisitsyn and this17:17
@sukey[] Pull Request merged by vigsterkr17:20
@sukey[] vigsterkr pushed 3 commits:17:20
@sukey[] Pull Request merged by vigsterkr17:22
@sukey[] New commit by vigsterkr17:22
lisitsynwiking: modshogun -> sg?17:23
@wikingor shogun17:23
@wikingthat could be17:23
@wikingimport shogun as sg17:23
lisitsynsg or shogun?17:23
lisitsynyeah true17:23
lisitsynok next PR is to rename modshogun then17:23
lisitsynok started cookbook nightly17:24
lisitsynto see it online17:24
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lisitsynwiking: oh I think there is a problem with shogun17:55
@wikingonly one?17:55
lisitsynwe have and libshogun.so17:55
lisitsynone is library17:55
@wikingwhat do u mean17:55
lisitsynand one is python library17:55
@wikingthe python shit should be17:55
lisitsynah ok17:56
lisitsynbut for some langs it would be different17:56
lisitsyne.g. csharp17:56
lisitsynshogun.dll and shogun.dll 8)17:56
lisitsynok with python there is no clash but I am worried about other langs17:57
lisitsynI think that was the reason to come up with that ugly shit17:59
lisitsynI think it is better to rename the C library into lib<something>shogun<something>18:00
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@wikingwhat was the reason?18:07
@wikingwe dont have only for18:07
@wikingthe c++ api18:07
lisitsynwiking: name clash18:07
lisitsynit clashes on other langs18:08
@wikinghave to go through18:08
@wikingbut i think we can solve it18:08
lisitsynlet's see18:08
lisitsynI am in the process of mass rename18:08
lisitsynbut we have to stop having modshogun in the user code18:08
lisitsynpeople think we're idiots when they see it18:08
lisitsynit is like you have a library X and the actual usage is 'import batshit_X_super'18:10
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@sukey[] Pull Request merged by lisitsyn23:54
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