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@wikingmikeling, here?03:32
mikelingwiking: yeah03:34
@wikingmikeling, sorry about the delay03:38
@wikingsent you an email03:38
mikelingwiking:  it's ok thanks a lot:)03:39
mikelingI will check it right away03:39
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@wikingolinguyen, welcome back09:09
olinguyenwiking: Thanks :D09:11
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@wikinggeektoni, bongiorno09:12
geektoniwiking: hello! I'm sorry to have disappeared yesterday :/09:12
@wikingno worries09:12
@wikingi've merged it09:12
geektoniyeah, I've seen the emails. Thanks :D09:13
@wikingso what's the plan actually?09:13
@wikingwork on the progress and observableS?09:13
geektoniwiking: the plan is to come up with a general ObservedValue to permit to monitor/retrieve data from algos without using TB.09:15
@wikinghehe good shit09:15
geektonibecause, things were made to permit data serialization to file and then visualization through Tensorboard.09:15
@wikinglemme know if you need brainstorming on this09:15
@wikingyep yep09:15
@wikingwell you need to modularize a bit more09:16
@wikingthe whole thing09:16
@wikingbecause now it was all in one09:16
@wikingobserve -> serialize alalal09:16
@wikingneed more steps there :P09:16
@wikingmore fine grained interfaces :P09:16
geektoniyes yes, sure.09:16
@wikingonly thing of course09:17
geektonito achieve smoothly what master Heiko suggested I need to rework things a bit ;)09:17
@wikinghow we could automate the observants09:17
@wikingas now it'll stillr equire09:18
@wikingthat you manually set in the code09:18
@wikingthe observables09:18
@wikingthat thing could be only saved09:18
@wikingby TAGS lisitsyn ! :)09:18
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@wikingmicmn, you were looking for me yesterday?09:42
micmnwiking: yeah about linalg09:49
micmna few days ago you proposed crtp09:50
@wikingaaa yeah09:50
@wikingi desperately wanna get rid of the macros09:50
micmnbut I still don't understand how we can use it with the current design09:50
micmnI mean we have some LinalgBackendBase pointers09:51
micmnbut we need to get rid of those to use "static polymorphism"09:51
micmnlike, set the backend at compile time?09:52
@wikingmicmn, sorry man10:05
@wikinghad to fix my coffee10:05
@wikingmicmn, so the sudden idea was ther ethat say we have a the usual fixed interface10:05
@wikingthen we have the LinalgEigenbackend10:05
@wikingthat has all the <operator>_impl stuff10:06
@wikingand then we do the crtp10:06
@wikingi.e. LinalgEigenbackend: public LinalgBackend<LinalgEigenbackend>10:07
@wikingand then if that thing would be compiled in an so10:07
@wiking(shared lib, that is)10:08
@wikingthen i was hoping(?) that we could use that LinalgEigenbackend as a LinalgBackend implementation10:08
@wikingif we load is as a shared lib on runtime10:09
@wikingmicmn, see wha ti mean?10:12
@wikingi jus really hate seeing those #define ...10:12
micmnmmm what's the reason for shared lib?10:13
@wikingmicmn, we wanna anyways10:13
@wikingslice up shogun10:13
@wikinginto dynamic libraries10:13
@wikinglike plugins10:13
@wikingso we'd have a base class10:13
@wikingand the rest would be loaded dynamically10:13
@wikingbase class = base interface10:13
@wikingand the rest is all dynamic loading10:14
@wikingbecause now it's a bit shitty10:14
@wikingthat you need to have eveyrthing compiled10:14
@wikingjust to use a PCA :P10:14
@wikingyou dont care about GP et.al.10:14
micmnyeah it would be super cool10:14
@wikingso i mean this is the effort going with Tags :)))10:14
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@wikingmoooo wtf is this10:15
micmnmaybe eigen version10:16
@wikingmicmn, so i'm of course not 100% sure that this would work10:19
@wikingbut i dont see why10:19
micmnwiking: so I still don't see what kind of "reference" we keep to the linalg backend10:19
@wikingmicmn, so in this case if we compile several diffeent backends10:20
@wiking(eigen, viennacl etc)10:20
@wikingwe could then just load either of them and set as pointers to the object10:20
micmnbut the base class is a template isn't?10:21
@wikingyes :)10:21
@wikingyeah guess there's no way around10:21
@wikingwith vtables :)10:21
@wikingyeah vtables + templates10:22
@wikingnot nice :)10:22
micmnlet's rewrite shogun in python!!!10:23
* micmn has been kicked from the channel10:26
@wikingif then rust no? :))10:26
Trixismicmn: php ;)10:28
Trixisor javascript10:29
micmnphp awesome10:29
Trixiswiking: is the build of shogun.jar platform specific?10:29
@wikingthat should not be10:29
@wikingthe jnilib yes10:30
Trixiswiking: kk, just making sure, trying to find out why shogun casually fails to start up when run on cluster10:30
@wikinglemme know if u figured it out10:30
Trixiswiking: also, i can only find libshogun.so in the interfaces/java folder10:31
Trixisi assume that's the equiv of the jnilib10:31
@wikingnow the problem is that10:31
@wikingthat will be crazyo10:31
@wikingbecause there's libshogun.so (the actual library)10:31
@wikingand this10:31
@wikingi reckon we should rename it10:31
@wikinginto shogun.so10:32
Trixisi mean if i pass the enclosing java.library.path it should just work10:32
Trixisthough it fails to load the lib10:32
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mikelingwiking: hi, here is what I got of get_prng() from python https://pastebin.mozilla.org/902741010:56
@wikingmikeling, can u do anything with that objekt?11:13
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Trixiswiking: what is the libname on linux (debian) for the shogun jnilib?11:38
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Trixiswiking: Right, so the original issue was the the libname defined under linux is different from osx (it's shogun this time) except theres a new error :| java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /homes/shogun/build/src/interfaces/java/libshogun.so: libhdf5.so.7: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory12:09
Trixisi assume it means libhdf5 isnt in my path12:17
Trixisnope, even if its there, same error12:37
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micmnwiking: wtf I can't even replicate the bug with same gcc 6.3 and eigen 3.3.215:11
mikelingwiking: I can't do anything to the get_prng() I warp in swig :(15:52
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@wikinglisitsyn, https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/18/yandex-open-sources-catboost-a-gradient-boosting-machine-learning-librar/18:33
@wikingque? :)18:33
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micmnHeikoS: ping18:53
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