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Trixiswiking: you around?11:34
Trixiswiking: do you have a link which describes how to install shogun w/ java in terfaces on debian (well, RHEL6/CENTOS) via a package manager? I dont seem to be able to find it on the website?11:36
@wikingmmm only from src11:37
Trixiswiking: src as in build from source?11:37
Trixiswiking: thx11:38
Trixiswell shit11:38
@wikingwould love to have actually11:38
@wikingmaven packages :S11:38
Trixiswiking: there seems to be an RHEL6 specific issue :\ Basically RHEL6 comes with a prehistoric GCC by default, now this shouldnt be an issue because i can easily module load a new GCC.11:40
Trixisand indeed this works all fine until it comes to linking the JNI lib11:40
Trixiswhich for whatever reason gets linked against the RHEL6 supplied stdlib11:40
@wikingTrixis, i can test it for you with a docker image11:40
@wikingbut yeah11:41
@wikinglibc will be a problem11:42
@wikingthe only probable way is static linking....?11:42
Trixishow do i do that? <_<11:42
Trixis(sorry for being slightly technically inept, im a math person by training, not a cs one :\)11:43
@wikingTrixis, there is actually a static linked library11:45
@wiking-DBUILD_STATIC=ON for cmake11:45
@wikingbut now it'd be the best to have11:45
@wikingthat lib to be used into creating the jnilib11:45
@wikingactually this thing was on our list11:45
@wikingas a possible solution for many shitty things11:45
@wikinglemme see if i can do this on rhel611:45
@wikingif that actually would solve your problem11:45
Trixiskk, thanks a lot11:46
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Trixiswiking: any success?13:37
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@wikingTrixis, still trying14:05
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@HeikoSwiking: travis auto cancelation!16:40
@HeikoSso nice!16:40
@HeikoSdid you enable that by hand or did travis do that?16:40
@wikingyeah welome to 201716:40
@wikingi did :P16:40
@HeikoSwiking: conda is merged16:42
@HeikoSquite cool16:42
@wikingsaw it16:46
@wikingmega great16:46
@wikingi'll write to that person16:46
@wikingwill cc Dougal16:46
@HeikoSyeah dougal is OK16:48
@HeikoSdo it16:48
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@HeikoSwiking: Ill put a tweet as well!16:52
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@HeikoSmicmn: jojo17:13
@HeikoSyou around?17:13
@HeikoSI get undefined references to SVMLin from serialized model tests17:15
@HeikoS(I am in BSD mode, i.e. disabled GPL code and deleted the gpl dir17:16
Trixiscan conda install w/ java interfaces?17:16
@HeikoSTrixis: nope inly python17:17
Trixisso install from source is still the only way17:17
@HeikoSjava yes17:17
@HeikoSwe would love a maven package17:17
@HeikoSbut somebody would have to do it17:18
@HeikoSwhat system are you installing from source?17:18
TrixisHeikoS: thats the issue CENTOS \ RHEL617:18
@HeikoSah well17:19
@HeikoSyou stuck right now?17:19
Trixisbeen talking w/ wiking about it earlier today, basically incorrect linkage due to rhel6 shipping with prehistoric gcc17:19
TrixisHeikoS: ye, everything works fine except jnilib gets linked to the old gcc stdlib17:19
@HeikoSI see17:20
@HeikoSheadache material17:20
@HeikoSwiking is the person to talk to17:20
@HeikoSI don't really know much about this17:20
micmnHeikoS: checking17:21
@HeikoSCSVMLin {'include': '/home/heiko/git/shogun/build_install/include/shogun/classifier/svm/SVMLin.h', 'base': 'CLinearMachine'}17:24
@HeikoS['__shogun_lib_config_h__', 'machine', 'sfmt_mexp', 'dsfmt_mexp', 'have_hdf5', 'have_lapack', 'have_pthread', 'have_openmp', 'use_meta_integration_tests', 'have_powl', 'have_lgammal', 'have_sqrtl', 'have_log2', 'viennacl_with_opencl', 'use_eigen3_global', 'use_eigen3_linslv', 'use_eigen3_eigslv', 'have_decl_isinf', 'have_decl_isnan', 'have_fpclass', 'have_isinf', 'have_isnan', 'have_std_isfinite', 'have_std_isinf', 'have_std_isnan', 'have_decl_s17:24
@HeikoS        if "SVMLin" in name:17:24
@HeikoS            print name, attrs17:24
@HeikoS            print guards17:24
@HeikoS            print use_gpl(attrs['include'], guards)17:24
@HeikoSreturn 'src/gpl/' not in path or 'use_gpl_shogun' in defined_guards17:25
@HeikoSthis should be AND, no?17:25
@HeikoSah wait17:25
@HeikoSmicmn: I think this might be cmake related cache outdate17:26
@sukey[] Pull Request merged by karlnapf17:30
@sukey[] New commit by karlnapf17:30
micmnHeikoS: outdated ctags?17:31
@HeikoSyeah something like this17:32
@sukey[] New commit by karlnapf17:34
@HeikoSshogun-buildbot: force build 'nightly_bsd_license'17:34
@HeikoSmicmn: sorry about the noise17:35
@HeikoSmicmn: just trying to make the bsd build work finally17:35
@HeikoSso we can release17:35
micmnnw you're helping me a lot with those tests17:36
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@HeikoSshogun-buildbot: force build 'nightly_bsd_license'19:18
@HeikoSlisitsyn: you around?19:19
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@sukey[] Issue karlnapf added label: "entrance"19:24
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travis-ciit's Heiko Strathmann's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in micmn/shogun:
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