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@wikingTrixis, have u tested that thingy/12:19
@wikingdid it work at all?12:19
@wikingiglesias, what's up @ twente12:19
iglesiaswiking: rain :D12:22
iglesiasin Singapore?12:23
@wiking38 degrees :)12:26
@wikinghahah yeah i heard that the weather is as usual amazing in benelux :)12:26
iglesiasalmost every season, every day haha12:28
@wikingyeah remember that amazing weather :)12:29
lisitsynwiking: iglesias: hey guys12:42
lisitsynI was working on -> BSD headers12:42
lisitsynand we actually have quite non-trivial cases12:43
lisitsyngit log is not sufficient sometimes12:43
Trixiswiking: i was having trouble with vpn ssh yesterday ill try again today13:39
iglesiaslisitsyn: argh, what are the tricky cases?13:44
lisitsyniglesias: like someone is in copyright but not in the git history13:44
iglesiasand therefore they haven't been contacted?13:45
lisitsynI don't know if they were contacted13:45
lisitsynbut I have to come up with some RE13:45
lisitsynextracting these cases13:45
lisitsynotherwise we e.g. drop vojtech from gmnp :D13:45
iglesiaslisitsyn: git log | grep Author | sort | uniq | grep -i vojtech13:49
iglesiasvery ugly13:49
iglesiasbut Vojtech Franc appears there13:50
lisitsyniglesias: yeah but I've seen some example like that13:50
lisitsyniglesias: ah there is also a case13:50
lisitsynrenames erase the history13:51
lisitsynand also, things like Fraunhofer FIRST13:51
lisitsynthey go away because it is never listed in git log13:52
lisitsynso I have to add some hacks anyway13:52
iglesiasa one-liner bash? spanning half screen?13:53
iglesiasme gusta13:53
lisitsynI actually use python :P13:54
iglesiaspython -c 'allllll here' at least?13:54
lisitsynno just subprocess.check_output for ugly stuff13:54
iglesiaslisitsyn: btw I had a look earlier and found a bunch of files that are gpl but don't have the USE_GPL_SHOGUN guard; for instance mathematics/linalg/ratapprox/opfunc/OperatorFunction.h14:04
iglesiasI am confused about those14:04
iglesiasare they missing the guard, or are we going to replace the gpl header by bsd?14:05
iglesiasI am guessing it must be the latter14:06
lisitsynratapprox comes from lambday I guess?14:08
lisitsynprobably the latter then14:08
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@sukey[https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun] Pull Request https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/pull/3859 synchronized by MikeLing15:40
@wikinglisitsyn, IEEE Spectrum Declares Python The #1 Programming Language17:25
@wikinggood news17:25
Trixiswiking: :(17:30
@wikinglife's thinks differently17:32
Trixiswiking: i dont like it because of the way it handles numbers :) (see what maths does to you?)17:44
@wikingi dont like it because its slow17:44
Trixisthat too17:44
Trixisand dynamic typing isnt my cup of coffee17:44
Trixiswiking: julia looks promising in that sense17:45
@wiking"i'm too old for dynamic typing" :D17:45
Trixisnah, not my case, im a baby compared to those people17:46
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