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@HeikoSolinguyen: hi there17:33
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olinguyenHeikoS: sorry, quick question18:03
olinguyenafter I made the changes in C++, i tried to test the new changes in the python module18:04
olinguyenbut the changes don't seem to be reflected18:04
olinguyeni ran make + make install, added the DPYTHON_INTERFACE in cmake18:04
@HeikoSah yes that sometimes happens18:05
@HeikoSit is usually a linking/ld path issue18:05
@HeikoS"not reflected" means what? how do you run it?18:05
@HeikoSfrom a python script?18:05
@HeikoSand there you do "import shogun"18:05
@HeikoSolinguyen: maybe it is this: modshogun was recently renamed to shogun18:06
olinguyenyes, correct18:06
@HeikoSbut the old files are probably still around on your machine18:06
@HeikoSwhere do you install shogun to?18:06
olinguyenthe default path18:06
olinguyeni'm actually import modshogun18:06
olinguyenso that may be it18:06
@HeikoSah there we go18:06
@HeikoSdelete the shogun installed files18:06
@HeikoSthen install again18:06
@HeikoSthen "import modshogun" should give you an error18:06
@HeikoS(as it doesnt exist anymore)18:06
olinguyenby installed files18:07
@HeikoSand "import shogun" should work18:07
olinguyenwhich ones did u mean?18:07
olinguyenok got it18:07
@HeikoSmight be different for you18:08
@HeikoSbut it is include, lib, and python files18:08
@HeikoSolinguyen: let me know if it worked18:10
@HeikoSolinguyen: btw re the autoencoders18:12
@HeikoSthese work really good on data such as images18:12
@HeikoSolinguyen: can you send me some references for using that stuff on health data?18:13
olinguyenYea sure. I believe i saw it in some paper, which is why i included it18:13
olinguyeni'll send it shortly18:13
olinguyenHeikoS: I'm getting this error now on import shogun18:19
olinguyenImportError: /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/_shogun.so: undefined symbol: _ZN6shogun12CDotFeatures7get_covEb18:19
olinguyenShould I just clean install again?18:19
@HeikoSyes it is if your libshogun.so doesnt match moshogun.so18:19
@HeikoSi.e. remove everything from shogun install and "make install" again18:20
@HeikoSbetter than installing to default is to install to a local directory18:20
@HeikoSand then add that to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PYTHONPATH18:20
@HeikoSmuch less convoluted that way18:20
olinguyeni'll do that instead18:20
@HeikoSolinguyen: but beware of: global shogun installation present + local installation with path prefixes18:22
@HeikoSthat usually results in a mess18:22
@HeikoSgood idea to remove all the "shogun" from /usr/local18:22
@HeikoSolinguyen: success?18:32
olinguyentaking a bit longer lol18:33
@HeikoSshould be a thing of minutes to fix18:33
olinguyeni did make clean :(18:38
@HeikoSnot sure that does it18:39
@HeikoSyou will have to delete files explicitly18:39
olinguyenyea i did, just recompiling is slow thats why its taking some time18:45
@HeikoSolinguyen: are you using ccache?18:47
@HeikoSsince with that, it should only take seconds18:47
@HeikoSwhats you "ccache -s" say?18:47
@HeikoSi.e. can you post the output of that?18:47
olinguyencache directory                     /root/.ccache cache hit (direct)                     1 cache hit (preprocessed)               0 cache miss                           762 called for link                      155 files in cache                      1437 cache size                         129.5 Mbytes max cache size                       1.0 Gbytes18:48
olinguyeni don't recall configuring it18:49
@HeikoSmake it larger18:49
@HeikoSmake it 15GB or so18:49
@HeikoSthat speeds shogun development up a lot18:49
@HeikoSalso not sure you want to operator as root?18:49
@HeikoSccache --max-size=15G18:51
olinguyentrying that now18:54
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olinguyenHeikoS: i installed shogun in a custom location, set PYTHONPATH & LD_LIBRARY_PATH to proper locations but it doesn't seem like my changes in c++ are reflected in python21:26
olinguyenalso shogun files are still being added to /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ even when I set the custom installation path21:27
olinguyenadded when i run make install, that is21:27
olinguyenHeikoS: ok nvm, I think everything works fine, i was just not testing properly.21:40
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