Aug. 31, 2011 - Soeren Sonnenburg -

SHOGUN Release version 1.0.0 (libshogun 10.0, data 0.2, parameter 0)
This release contains major enhancements, cleanups and bugfixes:

  • Features:
    • Support for new languages: java, c#, ruby, lua in modular interfaces (GSoC project of Baozeng Ding)
    • Port all examples to the new languages: Ruby examples with example transition tool (thanks to Justin Patera aka serialhex)
    • Dimensionality reduction (manifold learning) algorithms are now available. In particular: Locally Linear Embedding (LLE), Hessian Locally Linear Embedding (HLLE), Local Tangent Space Alignment (LTSA), Kernel PCA (kPCA), Multidimensional Scaling (MDS, with possible landmark approximation), Isomap (using Fibonacci Heap Dijkstra for shortest paths), Laplacian Eigenmaps (GSoC project of Sergey Lisitsyn)
    • Various new kernels: TStudentKernel, CircularKernel, WaveKernel, SplineKernel, LogKernel, RationalQuadraticKernel, WaveletKernel, BesselKernel, PowerKernel, ExponentialKernel, CauchyKernel, ANOVAKernel, MultiquadricKernel, SphericalKernel, DistantSegmentsKernel (thanks GSoC students for the contributions!)
    • Streaming / Online Feature Framework for SimpleFeatures, SparseFeatures, StringFeatures (GSoC project of Shashwat Lal Das)
    • SGD-QN, Online SGD, Online Liblinear, Online Vowpal Vabit (GSoC project of Shashwat Lal Das)
    • Model selection framework for arbitrary Machines (GSoC project of Heiko Strathmann)
    • Gaussian Mixture Models (GSoC project of Alesis Novik)
    • FibonacciHeap for efficient shortest-path problem solving (thanks to Evgeniy Andreev)
    • Efficient HashSet (thanks to Evgeniy Andreev)
    • ARPACK wrapper (dseupd) for symmetric eigenproblems (both generalized and non-generalized), some new LAPACK wrappers (Sergey Lisitsyn)
    • New Statistics module for various statistics measures (Heiko Strathmann)
    • Subset support to features (Heiko Strathmann)
    • Java externalization support (Sergey Lisitsyn)
    • Support matlab 2011a.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix build failure with ld --as-needed (thanks Matthias Klose for the patch).
    • Fix initialization error in KRR static interfaces (thanks Maxwell Collins for the patch).
  • Cleanup and API Changes:
    • Introduce Machine, KernelMachine, LinearMachine, LinearOnlineMachine, DistanceMachine with train() and apply() functions and drop Classifier.
    • Restructure source code layout: Merge libshogunui and libshogun into src/shogun and move all interfaces into src/shogun. Split up lib into lib, io and mathematics.
    • Create a single 'modshogun' module resembling the functionality found in libshogun. Now octave_modular and other modular interfaces work reliably.
    • Introduce SGVector, SGMatrix, SGNDArray, SGStringList for transfering object-pointers and meta-data from/to shogun.
    • Classes no longer store copies of e.g. matrices, and just pass pointers on set/get operations.
    • Stop using new[] / delete[] and switch to SG_MALLOC, SG_CALLOC, SG_REALLOC, SG_FREE macros.
    • Preproc renamed to preprocessor, PCACut renamed to PCA

What's New

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