SHOGUN  6.1.3
HashedDocDotFeatures.h File Reference

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class  CStringFeatures< ST >
 Template class StringFeatures implements a list of strings. More...
class  SGMatrix< T >
 shogun matrix More...
class  CHashedDocDotFeatures
 This class can be used to provide on-the-fly vectorization of a document collection. Like in the standard Bag-of-Words representation, this class considers each document as a collection of tokens, which are then hashed into a new feature space of a specified dimension. This class is very flexible and allows the user to specify the tokenizer used to tokenize each document, specify whether the results should be normalized with regards to the sqrt of the document size, as well as to specify whether he wants to combine different tokens. The latter implements a k-skip n-grams approach, meaning that you can combine up to n tokens, while skipping up to k. Eg. for the tokens ["a", "b", "c", "d"], with n_grams = 2 and skips = 2, one would get the following combinations : ["a", "ab", "ac" (skipped 1), "ad" (skipped 2), "b", "bc", "bd" (skipped 1), "c", "cd", "d"]. More...

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