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JLCoverTreePoint.h File Reference

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class  v_array< T >
 Class v_array taken directly from JL's implementation. More...
class  CJLCoverTreePoint
 Class Point to use with John Langford's CoverTree. This class must have some assoficated functions defined (distance, parse_points and print, see below) so it can be used with the CoverTree implementation. More...


enum  EFeaturesContainer { FC_LHS = 0, FC_RHS = 1 }


template<class T >
void push (v_array< T > &v, const T &new_ele)
template<class T >
void alloc (v_array< T > &v, int length)
template<class T >
v_array< T > pop (v_array< v_array< T > > &stack)
float distance (CJLCoverTreePoint p1, CJLCoverTreePoint p2, float64_t upper_bound)
v_array< CJLCoverTreePoint > parse_points (CDistance *distance, EFeaturesContainer fc)
void print (CJLCoverTreePoint &p)

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