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StructuredModel.h File Reference

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struct  TMultipleCPinfo
struct  CResultSet
class  CStructuredModel
 Class CStructuredModel that represents the application specific model and contains most of the application dependent logic to solve structured output (SO) problems. The idea of this class is to be instantiated giving pointers to the functions that are dependent on the application, i.e. the combined feature representation \(\Psi(\bold{x},\bold{y})\) and the argmax function \( {\arg\max} _{\bold{y} \neq \bold{y}_i} \left \langle { \bold{w}, \Psi(\bold{x}_i,\bold{y}) } \right \rangle \). See: MulticlassModel.h and .cpp for an example of these functions implemented. More...



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Definition at line 29 of file StructuredModel.h.

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