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any.h File Reference

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class  BaseAnyPolicy
 An interface for a policy to store a value. Value can be any data like primitive data-types, shogun objects, etc. Policy defines how to handle this data. It works with a provided memory region and is able to set value, clear it and return the type-name as string. More...
class  PointerValueAnyPolicy< T >
 This is one concrete implementation of policy that uses void pointers to store values. More...
class  NonOwningAnyPolicy< T >
class  Any
 Allows to store objects of arbitrary types by using a BaseAnyPolicy and provides a type agnostic API. See its usage in CSGObject::Self, CSGObject::set(), CSGObject::get() and CSGObject::has(). More...
struct  Any::Empty


enum  PolicyType { OWNING, NON_OWNING }


template<typename T >
std::string demangledType ()
template<typename T >
static BaseAnyPolicy * owning_policy ()
template<typename T >
static BaseAnyPolicy * non_owning_policy ()
bool operator== (const Any &lhs, const Any &rhs)
bool operator!= (const Any &lhs, const Any &rhs)
template<typename T >
Any erase_type (const T &v)
template<typename T >
Any erase_type_non_owning (T *v)
template<typename T >
recall_type (const Any &any)

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