SHOGUN  6.1.3
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CSGObject::ParameterObserverList Class Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 833 of file SGObject.cpp.

Public Member Functions

void register_param (const std::string &name, const SG_OBS_VALUE_TYPE type, const std::string &description)
std::string type_name (SG_OBS_VALUE_TYPE type)
ObsParamsList get_list () const

Member Function Documentation

ObsParamsList get_list ( ) const

Definition at line 861 of file SGObject.cpp.

void register_param ( const std::string &  name,
const SG_OBS_VALUE_TYPE  type,
const std::string &  description 

Definition at line 836 of file SGObject.cpp.

std::string type_name ( SG_OBS_VALUE_TYPE  type)

Definition at line 843 of file SGObject.cpp.

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