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LDASolver< T > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class shogun::LDASolver< T >

Definition at line 47 of file LDASolver.h.

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Public Member Functions

 LDASolver (CDenseFeatures< T > *features, CMulticlassLabels *labels, float64_t gamma=0.0)
 ~LDASolver ()
std::vector< SGVector< T > > get_class_mean ()
std::vector< index_tget_class_count ()
SGVector< T > get_mean ()
SGMatrix< T > get_within_cov ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void compute_means ()
virtual void compute_within_cov ()

Protected Attributes

CDenseFeatures< T > * m_features
float64_t m_gamma
std::vector< SGVector< T > > m_class_mean
std::vector< index_tm_class_count
SGVector< T > m_mean
SGMatrix< T > m_within_cov

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LDASolver ( CDenseFeatures< T > *  features,
CMulticlassLabels labels,
float64_t  gamma = 0.0 

Definition at line 75 of file LDASolver.h.

~LDASolver ( )

Definition at line 90 of file LDASolver.h.

Member Function Documentation

void compute_means ( )

Compute the total mean and for each class the number of data points and its mean.

Definition at line 110 of file LDASolver.h.

void compute_within_cov ( )

Compute within class covariance matrix.

Definition at line 142 of file LDASolver.h.

std::vector< index_t > get_class_count ( )
the number of data points of each class

Definition at line 201 of file LDASolver.h.

std::vector< SGVector< T > > get_class_mean ( )
the vector of classes' mean

Definition at line 195 of file LDASolver.h.

SGVector< T > get_mean ( )
the total mean

Definition at line 207 of file LDASolver.h.

SGMatrix< T > get_within_cov ( )
the within covariance matrix

Definition at line 213 of file LDASolver.h.

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<index_t> m_class_count

Definition at line 57 of file LDASolver.h.

std::vector<SGVector<T> > m_class_mean

Definition at line 55 of file LDASolver.h.

CDenseFeatures<T>* m_features

Definition at line 50 of file LDASolver.h.

float64_t m_gamma

Definition at line 53 of file LDASolver.h.

CMulticlassLabels* m_labels

Definition at line 51 of file LDASolver.h.

SGVector<T> m_mean

Definition at line 59 of file LDASolver.h.

SGMatrix<T> m_within_cov

Definition at line 61 of file LDASolver.h.

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