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RelaxedTreeUtil Class Reference

Detailed Description

Utility class for CRelaxedTree

Definition at line 25 of file RelaxedTreeUtil.h.

Public Member Functions

SGMatrix< float64_testimate_confusion_matrix (CBaseMulticlassMachine *machine, CFeatures *X, CMulticlassLabels *Y, int32_t num_classes)
void get_confusion_matrix (SGMatrix< float64_t > &conf_mat, CMulticlassLabels *gt, CMulticlassLabels *pred)

Member Function Documentation

SGMatrix< float64_t > estimate_confusion_matrix ( CBaseMulticlassMachine machine,
CFeatures X,
CMulticlassLabels Y,
int32_t  num_classes 

estimate confusion matrix with cross validation.

machinemulticlass machine used to compute confusion matrix
Xtraining data
Ylabels for training data
num_classesnumber of classes
num_classes-by-num_classes confusion matrix.

Definition at line 17 of file RelaxedTreeUtil.cpp.

void get_confusion_matrix ( SGMatrix< float64_t > &  conf_mat,
CMulticlassLabels gt,
CMulticlassLabels pred 

Get confusion matrix.

conf_matnum_class-by-num_class matrix, confusion matrix will be assigned to this
gtground-truth labels
predpredicted labels

Definition at line 76 of file RelaxedTreeUtil.cpp.

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