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SGLinalg Class Reference

Detailed Description

linalg library backend

Definition at line 51 of file SGLinalg.h.

Public Member Functions

 SGLinalg ()
 ~SGLinalg ()
void set_cpu_backend (LinalgBackendBase *backend)
LinalgBackendBase *const get_cpu_backend () const
void set_gpu_backend (LinalgBackendBase *backend)
LinalgBackendBase *const get_gpu_backend () const
void set_linalg_warnings (bool enable_warnings=true)
bool const get_linalg_warnings () const

Public Attributes

CLock m_gpu_transfer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SGLinalg ( )

Default constructor

Definition at line 58 of file SGLinalg.h.

~SGLinalg ( )

Default destructor

Definition at line 67 of file SGLinalg.h.

Member Function Documentation

LinalgBackendBase* const get_cpu_backend ( ) const

Set CPU backend

Pointer of LinalgBackendBase type

Definition at line 83 of file SGLinalg.h.

LinalgBackendBase* const get_gpu_backend ( ) const

Set GPU backend

Pointer of LinalgBackendBase type

Definition at line 100 of file SGLinalg.h.

bool const get_linalg_warnings ( ) const

Get linalg library warnings display option

Whether to display linalg library warnings

Definition at line 120 of file SGLinalg.h.

void set_cpu_backend ( LinalgBackendBase backend)

Set CPU backend The default CPU backend is EIGEN3

Definition at line 74 of file SGLinalg.h.

void set_gpu_backend ( LinalgBackendBase backend)

Set GPU backend The default GPU backend is NULL

Definition at line 91 of file SGLinalg.h.

void set_linalg_warnings ( bool  enable_warnings = true)

Set linalg library warnings display option The warnings are default on.

Definition at line 108 of file SGLinalg.h.

Member Data Documentation

CLock m_gpu_transfer

Mutex of GPU transfer methods

Definition at line 55 of file SGLinalg.h.

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