SHOGUN  6.1.3
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SGString< T > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class shogun::SGString< T >

shogun string

Definition at line 25 of file base/Parameter.h.

Public Member Functions

 SGString ()
 SGString (T *s, index_t l, bool free_s=false)
 SGString (SGVector< T > v)
 SGString (index_t len, bool free_s=false)
 SGString (const SGString &orig)
bool operator== (const SGString &other) const
void free_string ()
void destroy_string ()
SGString< T > get ()
void load (CFile *loader)
void save (CFile *saver)

Public Attributes

T * string
index_t slen
bool do_free

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SGString ( )

default constructor

Definition at line 11 of file SGString.cpp.

SGString ( T *  s,
index_t  l,
bool  free_s = false 

constructor for setting params

Definition at line 14 of file SGString.cpp.

SGString ( SGVector< T >  v)

constructor for setting params from a SGVector

Definition at line 18 of file SGString.cpp.

SGString ( index_t  len,
bool  free_s = false 

constructor to create new string in memory

Definition at line 22 of file SGString.cpp.

SGString ( const SGString< T > &  orig)

copy constructor

Definition at line 29 of file SGString.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void destroy_string ( )

destroy string

Definition at line 59 of file SGString.cpp.

void free_string ( )

free string

Definition at line 48 of file SGString.cpp.

SGString<T> get ( )

get the string (no copying is done here)

the refcount increased string

Definition at line 58 of file SGString.h.

void load ( CFile loader)

load string from file

loaderFile object via which to load data

Definition at line 65 of file SGString.cpp.

bool operator== ( const SGString< T > &  other) const

equality operator

Definition at line 33 of file SGString.cpp.

void save ( CFile saver)

save string to file

saverFile object via which to save data

Definition at line 76 of file SGString.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool do_free

whether string needs to be freed

Definition at line 81 of file SGString.h.

index_t slen

length of string

Definition at line 79 of file SGString.h.

T* string


Definition at line 77 of file SGString.h.

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