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CQuadraticTimeMMD::Self Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

Public Member Functions

 Self (CQuadraticTimeMMD &)
void init_statistic_job ()
void init_permutation_job ()
void init_variance_h1_job ()
void init_kernel ()
SGMatrix< float32_tget_kernel_matrix ()
SGVector< float64_tsample_null_spectrum ()
SGVector< float64_tsample_null_permutation ()
SGVector< float64_tgamma_fit_null ()

Public Attributes

unique_ptr< CMultiKernelQuadraticTimeMMDmulti_kernel
bool precompute
bool is_kernel_initialized
index_t num_eigenvalues
ComputeMMD statistic_job
VarianceH0 variance_h0_job
VarianceH1 variance_h1_job
PermutationMMD permutation_job

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr bool DEFAULT_PRECOMPUTE = true
static constexpr index_t DEFAULT_NUM_EIGENVALUES = 10

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Self ( CQuadraticTimeMMD mmd)

Definition at line 103 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

SGVector< float64_t > gamma_fit_null ( )

Definition at line 429 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

SGMatrix< float32_t > get_kernel_matrix ( )

Definition at line 163 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

void init_kernel ( )

Definition at line 148 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

void init_permutation_job ( )

Definition at line 133 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

void init_statistic_job ( )

Definition at line 110 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

void init_variance_h1_job ( )

Definition at line 122 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

SGVector< float64_t > sample_null_permutation ( )

Definition at line 341 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

SGVector< float64_t > sample_null_spectrum ( )

Definition at line 372 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

constexpr index_t DEFAULT_NUM_EIGENVALUES = 10

Definition at line 100 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

constexpr bool DEFAULT_PRECOMPUTE = true

Definition at line 99 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

bool is_kernel_initialized

Whether the kernel is initialized with the joint features. If a kernel is initialized once, then it becomes true. It can then becomes false only when (a) the features are updated, or (b) the kernel is updated later, or (c) the internally precomputed kernel is removed and the underlying kernel is in use. However, for (a), if the underlying kernel itself is a pre-computed one, it stays true even when the features are updated. Also, for (b), if the newly updated kernel is a pre-computed one, then also it stays true.

Definition at line 90 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

unique_ptr<CMultiKernelQuadraticTimeMMD> multi_kernel

Definition at line 69 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

index_t num_eigenvalues

Definition at line 92 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

Definition at line 68 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

PermutationMMD permutation_job

Definition at line 97 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

bool precompute

Whether to precompute the kernel matrix. by default this is true. It can be changed by the precompute_kernel_matrix() call. Keep in mind that precompute is always true as long as the underlying kernel itself is a precomputed kernel. Further updation of this value is ignored unless the kernel is changed to a non-precomputed one.

Definition at line 78 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

ComputeMMD statistic_job

Definition at line 94 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

VarianceH0 variance_h0_job

Definition at line 95 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

VarianceH1 variance_h1_job

Definition at line 96 of file QuadraticTimeMMD.cpp.

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