SHOGUN  6.1.3
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node< P > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<class P>
struct node< P >

Cover tree node TODO better doc

Definition at line 46 of file JLCoverTree.h.

Public Attributes

float max_dist
float parent_dist
node< P > * children
unsigned short int num_children
short int scale

Member Data Documentation

node<P>* children

Pointer to the list of children of this node

Definition at line 58 of file JLCoverTree.h.

float max_dist

The maximum distance to any grandchild

Definition at line 52 of file JLCoverTree.h.

unsigned short int num_children

The number of children nodes of this node

Definition at line 61 of file JLCoverTree.h.

P p


Definition at line 49 of file JLCoverTree.h.

float parent_dist

The distance to the parent

Definition at line 55 of file JLCoverTree.h.

short int scale

Essentially, an upper bound on the distance to any child

Definition at line 64 of file JLCoverTree.h.

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