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sin< T > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct shogun::linalg::operations::sin< T >

Template struct sin for computing element-wise sin for matrices and vectors. The operator() is for NATIVE backend implementation. Methods compute_using_eigen3 are for computing element-wise sin using EIGEN3 backend.

Definition at line 57 of file Sin.h.

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Public Types

using return_type = float64_t
using MatrixXt = Eigen::Matrix< T, Eigen::Dynamic, Eigen::Dynamic >
using VectorXt = Eigen::Matrix< T, Eigen::Dynamic, 1 >
using MapMatrixXt = Eigen::Map< MatrixXt >
using MapVectorXt = Eigen::Map< VectorXt >

Public Member Functions

 sin ()
return_type operator() (T &val) const
Eigen::MatrixXd compute_using_eigen3 (MapMatrixXt m) const
Eigen::VectorXd compute_using_eigen3 (MapVectorXt v) const
std::string get_operation () const

Member Typedef Documentation

Eigen3 matrix map type

Definition at line 85 of file Sin.h.

Eigen3 vector map type

Definition at line 88 of file Sin.h.

using MatrixXt = Eigen::Matrix<T,Eigen::Dynamic,Eigen::Dynamic>

Eigen3 matrix type

Definition at line 79 of file Sin.h.

The return type

Definition at line 60 of file Sin.h.

using VectorXt = Eigen::Matrix<T,Eigen::Dynamic,1>

Eigen3 vector type

Definition at line 82 of file Sin.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sin ( )

Definition at line 65 of file Sin.h.

Member Function Documentation

Eigen::MatrixXd compute_using_eigen3 ( MapMatrixXt  m) const
mThe Eigen3 matrix map of the operand
Element-wise sin in a newly allocated matrix

Definition at line 94 of file Sin.h.

Eigen::VectorXd compute_using_eigen3 ( MapVectorXt  v) const
vThe Eigen3 vector map of the operand
Element-wise sin in a newly allocated vector

Definition at line 103 of file Sin.h.

std::string get_operation ( ) const
The OpenCL operation to be used in a OpenCL kernel

Definition at line 64 of file opencl_operation.h.

return_type operator() ( T &  val) const
valThe scalar value

Definition at line 73 of file Sin.h.

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