Running Shogun from the interfaces

We assume that installation (including the interfaces) was successful and all dependencies are installed. See

Note that setting some the enviromental variables should not be necessary in case you installed Shogun to the default folder or installed it from a binary package.

The shared library

All interfaces require the Shogun library to be visible to your system. You can prepend the folder (!=full filename) of libshogun.* to an environmental variable. On Linux, this is done with


On MacOS

export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH="path/to/libshogun.dylib:$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH"

Note that the libshogun.* was either copied to path/to/shogun-install/lib/ when running make install. You can also make it point to the build directory path/to/build/src/shogun/ to make it available after a successful make. All subsequent settings can be set to the build dir or the installation dir.


We now describe how to run code that uses Shogun in all interfaces. For language specific defails how to import and use Shogun in all interfaces, see the examples on our website.

Native C++

Make sure you read up on how to compile C/C++ code. Compilation requires the Shogun headers path, i.e. the path where for example shogun/base/init.h is located. This is either in path/to/src/shogun/ or in path/to/shogun-install/include/shogun/ and is specified via the -I flag. Linking requires the -lshogun flag, which either needs the LD_LIBRARY_PATH or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH set up as described above, or preferably passed via the -L flag. Compiling and linking code with gcc works as

gcc path/to/native_example.cpp -o native_example -I/path/to/headers -lshogun -L/path/to/libshogun.*

Running it:



This needs to be visible, which is either in path/to/build/src/interfaces/python_modular/ or in something similar to path/to/shogun-install/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/


Running an example:

python path/to/


This needs shogun.oct to be visible, which is either in path/to/build/src/interfaces/octave_modular/ or in something similar to path/to/shogun-install/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/octave/site/oct/api-v50+/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/shogun/

export OCTAVE_PATH="path/to/shogun.oct:$OCTAVE_PATH"

Running an example:

python path/to/


This needs shogun.rb to be visible, which is either in path/to/build/src/interfaces/ruby_modular/ or in something similar to path/to/shogun-install/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/site_ruby export RUBYLIB=”path/to/shogun.rb:$RUBYLIB”

Running an example:

ruby path/to/ruby_example.rb


This needs shogun.R to be visible, which is either in path/to/build/src/interfaces/r_modular/ or in something similar to path/to/shogun-install/lib/R/site-library export R_LIBS_USER=”path/to/shogun.R:$R_LIBS_USER”

Running an example: R –no-restore –no-save –no-readline –slave -f path/to/r_example.rb


This needs (this is the interface file, not the shared library file to be visible, which is either in path/to/build/src/interfaces/lua_modular/ or in something similar to path/to/shogun-install/lib/lua/5.1/

export LUA_CPATH="path/to/$LUA_CPATH"

Running an example:

R --no-restore --no-save --no-readline --slave -f path/to/r_example.R


This needs shogun.dll to be visible, which is either in path/to/build/src/interfaces/csharp_modular or in something similar to path/to/shogun-install/lib/cli/shogun/

Compiling code works with the mono C# compiler and passing location of the above file

mcs path/to/csharp_example.cs /lib:path/to/shogun.dll/r:shogun -out:csharp_example.exe

Running requires setting the mono path

export MONO_PATH=/home/heiko/git/shogun/shogun_develop/shogun/build/src/interfaces/csharp_modular:$MONO_PATH

Running it:

mono csharp_example


This needs shogun.jar to be visible, which is either in path/to/build/src/interfaces/java_modular/ or in something similar to path/to/shogun-install/share/java/ . In addition, the location of the external dependency jblas.jar is needed, usually in /usr/share/java/.

Compiling code works with the java compiler and passing location of shogun.jar, jblas.jar, and the example itself in the class path

javac -cp /path/to/jblas.jar:/path/to/shogun.jar:path/to/ -d /path/to/output/ /path/to/

Running it again requires the above class path and some more options

java -Xmx1024m -cp /path/to/jblas.jar:/path/to/shogun.jar:path/to/ -Djava.library.path=/path/to/shogun.jar java_example

Provided Examples

Stand-alone, executable code for all interface examples on our website (and more) can be generated locally, see As the examples load data files, they requires the shogun-data submodule to be checked out.

All examples should be run in the respective folder they are located in, for example (assuming that all described variables are set)

cd /path/to/shogun-install/examples/meta/python/regression/

Or, for a compiled language with a manually compiled, not yet installed Shogun, running directly from the source tree

cd /path/to/shogun-source/build/examples/meta/csharp/regression/
mono linear_ridge_regression.cs