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CFeatures Class Reference

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The class Features is the base class of all feature objects.

It can be understood as a dense real valued feature matrix (with e.g. columns as single feature vectors), a set of strings, graphs or any other arbitrary collection of objects. As a result this class is kept very general and implements only very weak interfaces to

In addition it provides helpers to check e.g. for compability of feature objects.

Currently there are 3 general feature classes, which are CSimpleFeatures (dense matrices), CSparseFeatures (sparse matrices), CStringFeatures (a set of strings) from which all the specific features like CSimpleFeatures<float64_t> (dense real valued feature matrices) are derived.

Definition at line 53 of file Features.h.

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Public Member Functions

 CFeatures (int32_t size=0)
 CFeatures (const CFeatures &orig)
 CFeatures (CFile *loader)
virtual CFeaturesduplicate () const =0
virtual ~CFeatures ()
virtual EFeatureType get_feature_type ()=0
virtual EFeatureClass get_feature_class ()=0
virtual int32_t add_preproc (CPreProc *p)
 set preprocessor
virtual CPreProcdel_preproc (int32_t num)
 del current preprocessor
CPreProcget_preproc (int32_t num)
 get current preprocessor
void set_preprocessed (int32_t num)
bool is_preprocessed (int32_t num)
int32_t get_num_preprocessed ()
 get whether specified preprocessor (or all if num=1) was/were already applied
int32_t get_num_preproc ()
void clean_preprocs ()
int32_t get_cache_size ()
virtual int32_t get_num_vectors ()=0
virtual bool reshape (int32_t num_features, int32_t num_vectors)
virtual int32_t get_size ()=0
void list_feature_obj ()
virtual void load (CFile *loader)
virtual void save (CFile *writer)
bool check_feature_compatibility (CFeatures *f)
bool has_property (EFeatureProperty p)
void set_property (EFeatureProperty p)
void unset_property (EFeatureProperty p)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CFeatures ( int32_t  size = 0  ) 


size cache size

Definition at line 21 of file Features.cpp.

CFeatures ( const CFeatures orig  ) 

copy constructor

Definition at line 28 of file Features.cpp.

CFeatures ( CFile loader  ) 


loader File object via which data shall be loaded

Definition at line 40 of file Features.cpp.

~CFeatures (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 49 of file Features.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

int32_t add_preproc ( CPreProc p  )  [virtual]

set preprocessor

add preprocessor

p preprocessor to set
something inty

Definition at line 77 of file Features.cpp.

bool check_feature_compatibility ( CFeatures f  ) 

check feature compatibility

f features to check for compatibility
if features are compatible

Definition at line 269 of file Features.cpp.

void clean_preprocs (  ) 

clears all preprocs

Definition at line 133 of file Features.cpp.

CPreProc * del_preproc ( int32_t  num  )  [virtual]

del current preprocessor

delete preprocessor from list caller has to clean up returned preproc

num index of preprocessor in list

Definition at line 139 of file Features.cpp.

virtual CFeatures* duplicate (  )  const [pure virtual]
int32_t get_cache_size (  ) 

get cache size

cache size

Definition at line 150 of file Features.h.

virtual EFeatureClass get_feature_class (  )  [pure virtual]
virtual EFeatureType get_feature_type (  )  [pure virtual]
int32_t get_num_preproc (  ) 

get number of preprocessors

number of preprocessors

Definition at line 141 of file Features.h.

int32_t get_num_preprocessed (  ) 

get whether specified preprocessor (or all if num=1) was/were already applied

get the number of applied preprocs

number of applied preprocessors

Definition at line 119 of file Features.cpp.

virtual int32_t get_num_vectors (  )  [pure virtual]
CPreProc * get_preproc ( int32_t  num  ) 

get current preprocessor

get specified preprocessor

num index of preprocessor in list

Definition at line 107 of file Features.cpp.

virtual int32_t get_size (  )  [pure virtual]
bool has_property ( EFeatureProperty  p  ) 

check if features have given property

p feature property
if features have given property

Definition at line 215 of file Features.h.

bool is_preprocessed ( int32_t  num  ) 

get whether specified preprocessor was already applied

num index of preprocessor in list

Definition at line 129 of file Features.h.

void list_feature_obj (  ) 

list feature object

Definition at line 184 of file Features.cpp.

virtual void load ( CFile loader  )  [virtual]
virtual bool reshape ( int32_t  num_features,
int32_t  num_vectors 
) [virtual]

in case there is a feature matrix allow for reshaping


num_features new number of features
num_vectors new number of vectors
if reshaping was successful

Reimplemented in CSimpleFeatures< ST >, CSimpleFeatures< uint32_t >, CSimpleFeatures< float64_t >, and CSimpleFeatures< uint16_t >.

Definition at line 168 of file Features.h.

virtual void save ( CFile writer  )  [virtual]
void set_preprocessed ( int32_t  num  ) 

set applied flag for preprocessor

num index of preprocessor in list

Definition at line 123 of file Features.h.

void set_property ( EFeatureProperty  p  ) 

set property

p kernel property to set

Definition at line 221 of file Features.h.

void unset_property ( EFeatureProperty  p  ) 

unset property

p kernel property to unset

Definition at line 230 of file Features.h.

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