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lapack.cpp File Reference

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#define DSYEV   dsyev_
#define DGESVD   dgesvd_
#define DPOSV   dposv_
#define DPOTRF   dpotrf_


void wrap_dsyev (char jobz, char uplo, int n, double *a, int lda, double *w, int *info)
void wrap_dgesvd (char jobu, char jobvt, int m, int n, double *a, int lda, double *sing, double *u, int ldu, double *vt, int ldvt, int *info)

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#define DGESVD   dgesvd_

Definition at line 30 of file lapack.cpp.

#define DPOSV   dposv_

Definition at line 31 of file lapack.cpp.

#define DPOTRF   dpotrf_

Definition at line 32 of file lapack.cpp.

#define DSYEV   dsyev_

Definition at line 29 of file lapack.cpp.

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