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LaRank.h File Reference

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class  CLaRank
 the LaRank multiclass SVM machine More...
struct  CLaRank::outputgradient_t
struct  CLaRank::process_return_t


#define STDEXT_NAMESPACE   __gnu_cxx
#define std_hash_map   STDEXT_NAMESPACE::hash_map
#define std_hash_set   STDEXT_NAMESPACE::hash_set

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#define std_hash_map   STDEXT_NAMESPACE::hash_map

Definition at line 60 of file LaRank.h.

#define std_hash_set   STDEXT_NAMESPACE::hash_set

Definition at line 61 of file LaRank.h.

#define STDEXT_NAMESPACE   __gnu_cxx

Definition at line 59 of file LaRank.h.

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