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SVMLight.h File Reference

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class  CSVMLight
 class SVMlight More...


#define VERSION   "V3.50 -- correct??"
#define VERSION_DATE   "01.11.00 -- correct??"
#define DEF_PRECISION   1E-14
#define MAXSHRINK   50000

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#define DEF_PRECISION   1E-14

Definition at line 44 of file SVMLight.h.

#define MAXSHRINK   50000

Definition at line 45 of file SVMLight.h.

#define VERSION   "V3.50 -- correct??"

Definition at line 41 of file SVMLight.h.

#define VERSION_DATE   "01.11.00 -- correct??"

Definition at line 42 of file SVMLight.h.

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