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CSGDQN Class Reference

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class SGDQN

Definition at line 34 of file SGDQN.h.

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Public Member Functions

 CSGDQN (float64_t C)
 CSGDQN (float64_t C, CDotFeatures *traindat, CLabels *trainlab)
virtual ~CSGDQN ()
virtual EClassifierType get_classifier_type ()
virtual bool train (CFeatures *data=NULL)
void set_C (float64_t c_neg, float64_t c_pos)
float64_t get_C1 ()
float64_t get_C2 ()
void set_epochs (int32_t e)
int32_t get_epochs ()
void compute_ratio (float64_t *W, float64_t *W_1, float64_t *B, float64_t *dst, int32_t dim, float64_t regularizer_lambda, float64_t loss)
void combine_and_clip (float64_t *Bc, float64_t *B, int32_t dim, float64_t c1, float64_t c2, float64_t v1, float64_t v2)
void set_loss_function (CLossFunction *loss_func)
CLossFunctionget_loss_function ()
virtual const char * get_name () const

Protected Member Functions

void calibrate ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CSGDQN (  ) 

default constructor

Definition at line 30 of file SGDQN.cpp.

CSGDQN ( float64_t  C  ) 


C constant C

Definition at line 36 of file SGDQN.cpp.

CSGDQN ( float64_t  C,
CDotFeatures traindat,
CLabels trainlab 


C constant C
traindat training features
trainlab labels for training features

Definition at line 45 of file SGDQN.cpp.

~CSGDQN (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 56 of file SGDQN.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void calibrate (  )  [protected]


Definition at line 212 of file SGDQN.cpp.

void combine_and_clip ( float64_t Bc,
float64_t B,
int32_t  dim,
float64_t  c1,
float64_t  c2,
float64_t  v1,
float64_t  v2 

combine and clip scaling matrix B

Definition at line 81 of file SGDQN.cpp.

void compute_ratio ( float64_t W,
float64_t W_1,
float64_t B,
float64_t dst,
int32_t  dim,
float64_t  regularizer_lambda,
float64_t  loss 

computing diagonal scaling matrix B as ratio

Definition at line 69 of file SGDQN.cpp.

float64_t get_C1 (  ) 

get C1


Definition at line 86 of file SGDQN.h.

float64_t get_C2 (  ) 

get C2


Definition at line 92 of file SGDQN.h.

virtual EClassifierType get_classifier_type (  )  [virtual]

get classifier type

classifier type SVMSGDQN

Reimplemented from CMachine.

Definition at line 62 of file SGDQN.h.

int32_t get_epochs (  ) 

get epochs

the number of training epochs

Definition at line 104 of file SGDQN.h.

CLossFunction* get_loss_function (  ) 

Return the loss function

loss function as CLossFunction*

Definition at line 122 of file SGDQN.h.

virtual const char* get_name (  )  const [virtual]
object name

Reimplemented from CLinearMachine.

Definition at line 125 of file SGDQN.h.

void set_C ( float64_t  c_neg,
float64_t  c_pos 

set C

c_neg new C constant for negatively labeled examples
c_pos new C constant for positively labeled examples

Definition at line 80 of file SGDQN.h.

void set_epochs ( int32_t  e  ) 

set epochs

e new number of training epochs

Definition at line 98 of file SGDQN.h.

void set_loss_function ( CLossFunction loss_func  ) 

Set the loss function to use

loss_func object derived from CLossFunction

Definition at line 61 of file SGDQN.cpp.

bool train ( CFeatures data = NULL  )  [virtual]

train classifier

data training data (parameter can be avoided if distance or kernel-based classifiers are used and distance/kernels are initialized with train data)
whether training was successful

Reimplemented from CMachine.

Definition at line 93 of file SGDQN.cpp.

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