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SGSparseMatrix< T > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class shogun::SGSparseMatrix< T >

template class SGSparseMatrix

Definition at line 579 of file DataType.h.

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Public Member Functions

 SGSparseMatrix ()
 SGSparseMatrix (SGSparseVector< T > *vecs, index_t num_feat, index_t num_vec, bool free_m=false)
 SGSparseMatrix (index_t num_vec, index_t num_feat, bool free_m=false)
 SGSparseMatrix (const SGSparseMatrix &orig)
void free_matrix ()
void own_matrix ()
void destroy_matrix ()

Public Attributes

index_t num_vectors
 total number of vectors
index_t num_features
 total number of features
SGSparseVector< T > * sparse_matrix
 array of sparse vectors of size num_vectors
bool do_free

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SGSparseMatrix (  ) 

default constructor

Definition at line 583 of file DataType.h.

SGSparseMatrix ( SGSparseVector< T > *  vecs,
index_t  num_feat,
index_t  num_vec,
bool  free_m = false 

constructor for setting params

Definition at line 589 of file DataType.h.

SGSparseMatrix ( index_t  num_vec,
index_t  num_feat,
bool  free_m = false 

constructor to create new matrix in memory

Definition at line 595 of file DataType.h.

SGSparseMatrix ( const SGSparseMatrix< T > &  orig  ) 

copy constructor

Definition at line 602 of file DataType.h.

Member Function Documentation

void destroy_matrix (  ) 

destroy matrix

Definition at line 628 of file DataType.h.

void free_matrix (  ) 

free matrix

Definition at line 607 of file DataType.h.

void own_matrix (  ) 

own matrix

Definition at line 619 of file DataType.h.

Member Data Documentation

bool do_free

whether vector needs to be freed

Definition at line 645 of file DataType.h.

total number of features

Definition at line 639 of file DataType.h.

total number of vectors

Definition at line 636 of file DataType.h.

array of sparse vectors of size num_vectors

Definition at line 642 of file DataType.h.

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