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libqp.h File Reference

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#define LIBQP_PLUS_INF   (-log(0.0))
#define LIBQP_CALLOC(x, y)   calloc(x,y)
#define LIBQP_FREE(x)   SG_FREE(x)
#define LIBQP_MIN(A, B)   ((A) > (B) ? (B) : (A))
#define LIBQP_MAX(A, B)   ((A) < (B) ? (B) : (A))
#define LIBQP_ABS(A)   ((A) < 0 ? -(A) : (A))


libqp_state_T libqp_splx_solver (const float64_t *(*get_col)(uint32_t), float64_t *diag_H, float64_t *f, float64_t *b, uint32_t *I, uint8_t *S, float64_t *x, uint32_t n, uint32_t MaxIter, float64_t TolAbs, float64_t TolRel, float64_t QP_TH, void(*print_state)(libqp_state_T state))
libqp_state_T libqp_gsmo_solver (const float64_t *(*get_col)(uint32_t), float64_t *diag_H, float64_t *f, float64_t *a, float64_t b, float64_t *LB, float64_t *UB, float64_t *x, uint32_t n, uint32_t MaxIter, float64_t TolKKT, void(*print_state)(libqp_state_T state))

Macro Definition Documentation

#define LIBQP_ABS (   A)    ((A) < 0 ? -(A) : (A))

Definition at line 35 of file libqp.h.

#define LIBQP_CALLOC (   x,
)    calloc(x,y)

Definition at line 30 of file libqp.h.

#define LIBQP_FREE (   x)    SG_FREE(x)

Definition at line 31 of file libqp.h.

#define LIBQP_INDEX (   ROW,
)    ((COL)*(NUM_ROWS)+(ROW))

Definition at line 32 of file libqp.h.

#define LIBQP_MAX (   A,
)    ((A) < (B) ? (B) : (A))

Definition at line 34 of file libqp.h.

#define LIBQP_MIN (   A,
)    ((A) > (B) ? (B) : (A))

Definition at line 33 of file libqp.h.

#define LIBQP_PLUS_INF   (-log(0.0))

Definition at line 29 of file libqp.h.

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