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common.h File Reference

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#define STRING_LEN   256
#define STRING_LEN_STR   "256"


typedef char string_t [STRING_LEN]
typedef int machine_int_t
typedef int32_t index_t
typedef std::complex< float64_tcomplex128_t

Standard Types

Definition of Platform independent Types

#define __STDC_FORMAT_MACROS   1
typedef float float32_t
typedef double float64_t
typedef long double floatmax_t

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __STDC_FORMAT_MACROS   1

Definition at line 40 of file common.h.

#define STRING_LEN   256

Definition at line 55 of file common.h.

#define STRING_LEN_STR   "256"

Definition at line 56 of file common.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::complex<float64_t> complex128_t

complex type

Definition at line 67 of file common.h.

typedef float float32_t

Implementations tend to follow IEEE754

See also

Definition at line 49 of file common.h.

typedef double float64_t

Definition at line 50 of file common.h.

typedef long double floatmax_t

Definition at line 51 of file common.h.

typedef int32_t index_t

index type

Definition at line 62 of file common.h.

typedef int machine_int_t

Definition at line 59 of file common.h.

typedef char string_t[STRING_LEN]

Definition at line 57 of file common.h.

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