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elementwise_product< Backend::EIGEN3, Matrix > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

struct shogun::linalg::implementation::elementwise_product< Backend::EIGEN3, Matrix >

Specialization of elementwise_product for the Eigen3 backend

Definition at line 72 of file ElementwiseProduct.h.

Public Types

typedef Matrix::Scalar T
typedef Eigen::Matrix< T,
Eigen::Dynamic, Eigen::Dynamic > 
typedef Eigen::Matrix< T,
Eigen::Dynamic, 1 > 

Static Public Member Functions

static void compute (SGMatrix< T > A, SGMatrix< T > B, SGMatrix< T > C)

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Eigen::Matrix<T,Eigen::Dynamic,Eigen::Dynamic> MatrixXt

Definition at line 75 of file ElementwiseProduct.h.

typedef Matrix::Scalar T

Definition at line 74 of file ElementwiseProduct.h.

typedef Eigen::Matrix<T,Eigen::Dynamic,1> VectorXt

Definition at line 76 of file ElementwiseProduct.h.

Member Function Documentation

static void compute ( SGMatrix< T A,
SGMatrix< T B,
SGMatrix< T C 

Performs the operation C = A .* B where ".*" denotes elementwise multiplication

Definition at line 79 of file ElementwiseProduct.h.

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