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DataType.h File Reference

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class  SGVector< T >
 shogun vector More...
class  SGMatrix< T >
 shogun matrix More...
class  SGNDArray< T >
 shogun n-dimensional array More...
class  SGString< T >
 shogun string More...
struct  SGStringList< T >
 template class SGStringList More...
struct  SGSparseVectorEntry< T >
 template class SGSparseVectorEntry More...
class  SGSparseVector< T >
 template class SGSparseVector More...
class  SGSparseMatrix< T >
 template class SGSparseMatrix More...
struct  TSGDataType
 Datatypes that shogun supports. More...


#define PT_LONGEST   floatmax_t


typedef int32_t index_t

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#define PT_LONGEST   floatmax_t

Definition at line 19 of file DataType.h.


Definition at line 18 of file DataType.h.

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